• Our Miracle in Energy
    We Have Reached the
    Holy Grail of Batteries.
  • Designed For The Future:
    "Self-Charging Battery
    and Self-Sustainable
    Energy Battery"
  • We Will Raise
    Global Living Standards
    Minimize Energy Costs,
    Increase Supply and Enhance Safety.
  • Electrification
    Of Everything
    Minimize Energy Costs,
    Increase Supply and Enhance Safety.


For more than eight years, we have been pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We will continue to do this in years to come with technologies that can change the rules of the game in entire industries and make a difference to billions of people's lives every day.

We are curious minds dedicated to human progress.

State of the Art Technology

Everything is achievable through science. Scientific research that is beautifully conceived, creates miracles.

The world is presented with the possibility of world peace, robust human capital, environment protection, and poverty alleviation, both economic and humanitarian, that are intended to permanently lift people out of poverty.

Science holds infinite possibilities for humanity and will one day rid society of all its ills. Soon, Fukoku Denshi Science and Technology will affect the way you live your life everyday.

From all of us here at Fukoku Denshi, we welcome you to Fukoku Denshi's world of science.


Fukoku Denshi Miraculous Battery is self-charging with a lifespan of more than 30 years. It recharges itself and self sustainable without losing energy.


No More Battery Draining Apps And Keep Your Smart Phone Busy, It Recharges Itself Without Losing Energy. With A Lifespan Of More Than 30 Years.


Fukoku Denshi created a battery is 'game-changer' self-charging, self sustainable, self-generating energy that keeps electric vehicles on the roads. It recharges itself without losing energy with a lifespan of more than 30 years.

Maximizing Apps

No More Battery Draining And Keep Your Cellphones, Tablets, And Laptops Busy, It Recharges Itself Without Losing Energy. With A Lifespan Of More Than 30 Years.

We create essential innovations the world needs now.

From food and materials science to providing sustainable energy, delivering clean water, enabling intelligent thinking mobility and faster electronics, we use our knowledge and innovations to make everyday necessities possible and accessible.

Here's how we are inventing a better now, right now.

Revolutionizing technology and the world starts with the conception of something new. Distractions, disruptions, and rapid changes define our modern lifestyle. As the world and our interactions grow more complex, so do challenges. Fukoku Denshi takes on these challenges with expertise spanning from its advanced knowledge in chemistry and physics to innovations in food, sustainable energy, mobility, intelligent electronics, and smart clothing, among others. Let's start revolutionizing our modern world together.

Fukoku Denshi's World of Tomorrow

We are on the threshold of a gigantic revolution with the commercialization of our Thunder-Ion, Miraculous Battery, Thunderflash, Capacitor, Velocitron, Elemenetics Alloy, Xtreme-Alloy, and AlloyGlass.

Our miraculous inventions will drive electric vehicles and intelligent electronics, among others. We will be able to illuminate the whole world at night. Eventually, we will flash power in unlimited amounts to all our electronic gadgets.

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