Elemenetics Alloy, the heart of an electric motor: stronger magnetic flux, higher efficiency

Are powerful batteries the most important thing for electric motors in cars? Not quite. Super soft magnetic materials (SSMMs) are essential building blocks in electric motors, generators, inductors, transformers, and sensor antennas, among others.

Fukoku Denshi presents its new soft magnetic material with high saturation flux density and low magnetic anisotropy, the Elemenetics Alloy. High-entropy alloys have high saturation magnetization, high saturation flux density, electrical resistivity, and malleability. This new material will help in the miniaturization and efficiency increment of the next generation of electronic devices.

Elemenetics Alloy has an external magnetic field that generates a magnetic flux density that is several times higher than would be the case in air. In simple terms, the magnetic field is strengthened by the soft magnetic materials. Flux density is key to the torque of an electric motor.

Core losses are another important criterion for the efficiency of electric drives. These losses occur due to the constantly changing direction of the magnetic field. As a result, a part of the energy used to power the electric motor is lost as heat. The level of core losses depends on the frequency with which the direction of the magnetic field changes - and of course, on the quality of the magnetic material.

For conventional industrial electric motors, such as those used in elevators or machine tools, the frequency is 50 hertz. By contrast, high-speed motors for electric and hybrid cars have frequencies of more than 400 hertz. Thus, the goals for Elemenetics Alloy developers are clear. Electric vehicles need soft magnetic materials with high flux density and minimal core losses at high frequencies and high temperatures. We have developed Elemenetics Alloy with 50 percent lower core losses than current standards.

Elemenetics Alloy is an incredibly special magnetic material to get the power from the battery onto the road.

Power or electric savings has also been the central driving force for the development of new materials. To this end, super soft magnetic composites (SSMCs) are used in various electromagnetic applications, such as electric motors, generators, transformers, inductors, filters, and frequency modulation chokes, among others. In general, the frequency range available for SSMCs spans from hundreds of hertz to MHz. With a unique freedom on material selection based on powder metallurgy techniques, this engineering magnetic material class allows novel designs to drive operation conditions to new limits, unlocking the potential of novel applications.

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