Fukoku Denshi created a battery that is game-changer, self-charging, self-sustainable, self-generating energy with a lifespan of more than 30 years. It recharges itself without losing energy.

FUKOKU DENSHI, INC., discovery of the "Holy Grail Of Batteries" is a technological supremacy that will shock the world. It is a breathtaking "Miracle in Energy" that will become the biggest event in human history.

Fukoku Denshi hails its super battery and super capacitor as the most powerful ultimate energy source in the world, next only to the sun.

Fukoku Denshi is expected to dictate the next battleground in all Electric Vehicles and all Digital and Electronics World. There will be more than 78 billion connected products that will depend on this promising super product.

Fukoku Denshi and Manufacturing Partners will be changing the technology battlegrounds for engaging all digital world technologies for the next decade.

Fukoku Denshi technology is transforming our world - giving life to everyday objects and redefining the look of our planet.

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