Nano Scale Technology, The Greatest Miraculous Discovery's In Material Science, "it will forever change the world".

Our Fukoku Denshi Battery and
Supercapacitor Nano-weaving.

Zero-dimensional (0D), One-dimensional (1D), Two-dimensional (2D) and Three-dimensional (3D), nanostructured materials for advanced electrochemical energy devices.

First nano-materials been woven at the nano levels created.

For the first time, Fukoku Denshi have been able to weave a material at nano level. The research is led by Fukoku Denshi Sciences Center.

There are many different ways to make nanomaterials but weaving, the oldest and most enduring method of making fabrics, has not been one of them - until Fukoku Denshi of weaving into the nano level, giving us a powerful new way of manipulating matter with incredible precision in order to achieve unique and valuable mechanical properties.

Weaving nanowire/microflower/nanowire modified alloy electrode with enhanced our Miraculous Batteries and eTurbo Thunderflash Capacitor Ultra High Electrical Conductivity, Ultra Super High Density and Super Ampacity performance.

Microflowers which consists of multiple characteristic dimensions, in which the three dimensional (3D) Alloys 'microflower' is constructed by a two-dimensional (2D) nanosheet framework that is derived from weaving one-dimensional (1D) nanowire. Our unique nanostructures are conducive for the generation of an electrically conductive Alloy-network on the nanosheet surface.

There are three very important words in the world of Fukoku Denshi batteries: Ultra Super Density.

Massive corporations are vying to make batteries smaller, lighter, fast charging and more powerful. But among these powerful players, Fukoku Denshi remains a pioneering force and leading the way century ahead.

Our approach is "untraditional and surprising". Fukoku Denshi Nanotechnology contributions to battery technology are "tremendous and miraculous"

Unlike others who focus on tweaking the chemical composition of a battery's electrodes or its charge-conducting electrolyte, Fukoku Denshi is marrying battery chemistry with 1D/2D/3D ESEALDUS nanotechnology.

We are building intricately structured battery electrodes that can soak up and release charge-carrying ions in greater quantities, and faster, than standard electrodes can, without producing troublesome side reactions. Fukoku Denshi weaving alloy nanotube wires into high-performance, ultra super density Miraculous Battery & Thunderflash Capacitor development of ESEALDUS Process nanotechnology, 1 Dimensional / 2 Dimensional / 3 Dimensional Chemistry and Physics architecture and using it to control chemistry.

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