Unbelievable Cutting-Edge Technology Exists

Our phenomenal cutting-edge technology will power everything around you: homes, mobile devices, electric vehicles, aircrafts, satellites, robots, and even human bodies.

Looking at where we are today, we can already see how Fukoku Denshi's powerful Miraculous Battery Technology will shape our world. Our upcoming innovative technology makes life immeasurably more convenient for people. Soon, this powerful technology will be commercially available, outdating people's current way of life.

Fukoku Denshi's Miraculous Battery Technology will change our lives and the world.

Our Super Battery and Hybrid Super Capacitor

Visualizing the potential of our advanced technologies, we can profoundly change the world!

Fukoku Denshi Corporation emerged with a powerful approach for battery development, considerably more powerful than comparable batteries. Our new solid-state battery technology, patented as Solid-State 1D/2D/3D ESEALDUS Process Technology, is not simply an evolutionary step in battery technology. It is a new enabling technology which breaks the normal paradigms of energy sources. It allows us to do new and different things. It is a miracle in energy.

Energy storage is currently a trade-off between power (watts) and energy (watt-hours). Supercapacitors can release massive amounts of power, but only for a few seconds. On the other hand, fuel cells can store vast amounts of energy but are limited in their peak power output. These limitations pose a problem in most modern applications of bleeding-edge technology - smartphones, wearable computers, electric vehicles - which require large amounts of power and energy. Even the best li-ion battery designs demand serious trade-offs when creating a new device. Fukoku Denshi Corporation batteries are currently the only solution for applications which require massive amounts of power and can also store an extensive amount of energy.

Our battery has a higher power density than a supercapacitor, and yet with much more greater energy density than current lithium-ion batteries.

Fukoku Denshi's new battery allows wireless devices to transmit their signals 100 times farther or be equipped with a battery 50 times smaller. In other words, our battery is the dream battery - a breakthrough battery and our miracle in energy.

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