Our Velocitron Electrical Wire: the world's most conductive wire known to mankind

Fukoku Denshi, Inc. and Tenjin Motors Corporation have developed a novel carbon nanotube (CNT) nano-composite material, which delivers a 200-fold increase in current density and ampacity or the maximum current that a conductor can carry continuously, with roughly 10 times more conductivity than a silver wire of the same length. This is the only material with both ultra-high conductivity and super ampacity.

Our CNT nano-composite material breaks the mutual exclusivity between high ampacity, which requires a strongly bonded system, and high conductivity, which requires free electrons from a weakly bonded system - by effectively combining the strengths of special elements with high electrical conductivity and CNTs with high current density tolerance into one integrated composite material.

Electric conductivity, measured in units of siemens per meter, measures how well electric current flows through a given material. The more conductive a given material is, the less electricity will be lost as the current travels from point A to point B, which makes high conductivity crucial for wires carrying current over significant distances.

Copper, silver, and gold have limited current density and electrical conductivity. A huge demand exists for electrical conductors with higher current density tolerance or current carrying capacity. The motivation of our recent development is to address this demand.

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